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What people say about Chiapas Birding Adventures

"This trip was neotropical birding at its best: wonderful guides on a well-organized itinerary that covered a variety of eco-systems that yielded a list of 180 species. The lodgings were simple but pleasant and always were set in very birdy areas right off the porch. One afternoon Howler Monkeys serenaded during siesta time. Each accommodation had its own open-air dining room which often provided birding possibilities. The food was good. Nothing beats handmade corn tortillas hot off the stove. The fruit-waters were delicious."
"Through the generosity of Brock Huffman and Chiapas Birding Adventures, I was one of the recipients of a trip to Chiapas, Mexico, from last fall’s Victor Emanuel Conservation Award Luncheon. Mary Kay and I scheduled our trip to Chiapas for the second week of January in the hopes of encountering a Golden-cheeked Warbler in their winter habitat around San Cristobal de Las Casas."
"Our trip through Chiapas for 10 days this month offered me a very special adventure with so many opportunities to learn about the history, diverse culture and natural resources of Chiapas. Although I am not a birder, I now have a real admiration for the keen observation skills, camaraderie and teamwork that birders develop, not only to identify birds, but also to protect the natural habitat. In addition, I’m a bit proud of the beginning skills that I picked up. You and your team were so supportive of this novice, offering encouragement and guidance when I showed interest. Birder or not, who can resist seeing scarlet macaws and toucans, listening to howler monkeys, and spotting crocodiles while experiencing firsthand the sights and sounds of the jungle."
"It was an invitation I couldn’t refuse: My dear friend Marie’s husband would be spending about a week at a work conference in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, in late October. Would I like to accompany them, and Marie and I would go birding while Raymundo was working? You bet I would! Marie isn’t a lister, but enjoys adventure, and she “gets” birding. She even accompanied me on a Big Day many years ago. She agreed with my proposal to hire a birding guide for our week in Mexico’s southernmost state, so I contacted Chiapas Birding Adventures."
"Thank you so much for a wonderful, memorable trip to Chiapas. It was the perfect combination of birding, nature, and cultural activities for us. We admire your commitment to bettering the lives of your community in Chiapas and helping to preserve the truly special natural resources of the area. Click here to read "CBA Recommendation"​ by ​Kay Swint​, recently retired Director of Patient Experience for the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Your guides are excellent and we appreciate everything they did to make our trip so special. We will spread the word about Chiapas Birding Adventures."
Dana and Mark Wilson
Austin, Texas
"The visit to 'Sergio Castro' Museum was also fantastic. We really enjoyed hearing his stories, seeing all the costumes and then to learn about the work he does...Wow!! The Casa Morada-San Cristobal, That was a beautiful hotel! We counted 196 species (of birds) at the end of the trip. We were very pleased with our accommodations and the final itinerary. You have done a nice job creating a tour that nicely mixes the natural world of Chiapas with the old world and new world culture and history."
Jeffrey and Chris Maier
Lafayette, California
"It’s a long way from New York City to Chiapas, but I’m so glad I made the trip. From the birds painted on the walls of my hotel room to the real birds in Las Guacamayas, I was delighted by what I saw – and what I heard. I’m still dreaming of the ghostly sounds of howler monkeys, the arias of a reclusive flock of singing quail, and marimbas in San Cristóbal’s central plaza. I am also deeply grateful for Alberto’s birding skills and guidance, and for Daniel’s deep knowledge of local history and culture. As promised when I signed up with Chiapas Birding Adventures, I was very well taken care of, and never felt in any way unsafe. Thank you, Brock, and the entire team."
Sylvia Alexander
Senior Development Officer, Wildlife Conservation Society - Bronx, New York
"The lads were wonderful, the scenery splendid, the birds thrilling, the archaeological sites stunning. I especially loved birding from the boat on the Rio Tzendales."
Laurel Patrick
Hood River, Oregon
"We continue to talk about the many wonderful experiences we had while together in Chiapas. I suspect we will be singing your praises for a long time"
John and Michele Gillet
Tower Lakes, Illinois
"You have a lot to be proud of. The guides that you're developing are fantastic folks, and their skills are coming along very well. I can't wait to join up with them again."
Laurie Foss
Birding guide with Travis Audubon
"I would highly recommend a trip to Chiapas! I found it charming, fascinating and engaging -- a place that will stay in your travel memories."
Linda Niemiec
Rockford, Illinois
"Our church group was in Tuxtla Gutierrez for 8 days, helping a local orphanage improve its building, and we also went shopping at the open market in San Cristóbal, and we never once felt unsafe. I feel it is a safe region of Mexico, certainly as safe as Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I come from."
Scott MacKenzie
Pastor of Youth and Children's Ministries - Halifax, Nova Scotia
"We enjoyed our week on our private tour of Chiapas, searching for endemic birds of Mexico. Our tour was a little bit outside of the normal tourist route but we had the good fortune of observing and photographing some beautiful endemic Mexican birds. Our guides, Daniel and Raul, were both very knowledgeable and helpful. We also enjoyed our visits in the local communities of Chamula and Zinacantán. The guide Brock brought with us was really an expert and taught us a lot of history of the area. Brock, the owner, met us on arrival and took us back to the airport on departure - we felt safe and attended on the entire trip."
Nancy Norman
San Antonio, Texas
"Patty especially enjoyed Yaxchilán and Frank especially enjoyed birding on the rivers. Overall a wonderful trip."
Frank and Patty Timmins
Dublin, Ireland
"Chiapas Birding Adventures offers an excellent trip! We were fortunate to join a group of five others who had similar interests of birding and Mayan ruins in Chiapas. From arrival to departure, our every need was attended to with the utmost care. We had two marvelous guides with us, the company founder, a driver, and an archaeologist for the Mayan ruins. The guides were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and fun to be with. We couldn't have asked for a better trip. From the Selva to the city, by van and by boat, the trip is a wonderful and unique opportunity to experience the sights, sounds, and delights of the beautiful state of Chiapas, Mexico. GO1111"
Kathy Crowe Finholm and David Finholm
Friday Harbor, Washington
"Birders, nature lovers, non-birders, and archaeology fans alike -- this is a tour for you. Can't be beat as a great nine day adventure."
Barbara Erickson
Laredo, TX
"There were unending beauty everywhere -- all of the sites were amazing. We loved the sense of remoteness, the stillness, the ceibas, etc..."
Ian Niven and Barbara Soulsby
British Columbia, Canada
"Every corner of Chiapas seems to offer great birding, historical, and/or cultural experiences. The local guides with Chiapas Birding Adventures have extensive knowledge of the area, and their expertise and enthusiasm add a great deal to the daily adventures. I would love to go back and find the few birds we missed during our first trip."
Paul Koehler
Director of the Silver Bluff Audubon Center and Sanctuary - Jackson, SC
"It was a great experience to go out with local guides, to see them get some benefit from foreign birders, and to share the joy of seeing such brilliant birds, as macaws, manakins, and toucans."
Madeleine Murray
Journalist for publications such as GQ, Vogue, and the Sydney Morning Herald
"Birding with Brock, Alberto, Daniel, and some of the other newly-trained guides was a real pleasure. As we walked around the plaza at Yaxchilán, I was struck by the fact that we were birding with guides whose ancestors may have been inhabitants of this archaeological site over a thousand years ago. Just amazing!"
Bob Warneke
Board of Directors, American Birding Association - Austin, TX
"Thanks again for the wonderful trip. We will remember it forever."
Shelley Wilkinson and David Tefelski
Seaside, California
"We had an excellent time during our tour of Chiapas. Fantastic sights, beautiful birds, and an incredibly helpful and friendly staff. Would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in birding, archaeology, or simply exploring this special part of the planet."
Jessica Yaa
Ten Thousand Villages, Austin, Texas
"Thanks again for the excellent adventure in Chiapas - we loved it. We have so many pictures and memories!"
arbara and Josek Jogodzinska
Redwood City, California
"This trip was so much fun with many different birds and a variety of Mayan ruins to explore. We would recommend this trip for those who like adventure."
Lina and Vern Summerfelt
Raleigh, North Carolina
"Thanks again for a great trip, it was worth every penny...and by the way, I felt very safe traveling in Chiapas."
Ann Wainright
Cupertino, California
"I spent an absolutely wonderful week in and around San Cristóbal, Chiapas, Mexico. Not only was I overwhelmed with the beauty of the countryside, quaintness of the city and people, but never once did I feel uneasy or insecure."
Jim McLean
Bandera, TX
"This has been the adventure of a lifetime -- an experience that will resonate for a long time. It has begun an appreciation of the beauty and diversity of the avian world for me. Thanks for opening my eyes. The days at Yaxchilán when we watched the white hawk perched in front of us for 45 minutes, eating a snake, was epic."
Karen Ellen Williams Locke
Santa Monica, California
"I had the privelege to travel with Brock Huffman and his guides of Chiapas Birding Adventures. The natural beauty, the birds, the indigenous culture, and the local people made this trip a life-enriching experience in a myriad of ways that will be hard to beat."
Betty Peterson
American Birding Association - Birders Exchange
"I'm not even a birder, but found seeing the exotic denizens of Chiapas a thrill. And see them I did, thanks to guides who've lived here all their lives and recently received training in guiding and English bird names. Even if you aren't into birds, this place, the habitat for 50% of the birds in Mexico, may convert you."
Melissa Gaskill
Travel Writer - Austin, TX
"Thanks so much for a great introduction to Chiapas! It's an extraordinary place, and I think it will go on my short list of favorite places in the world. Alberto did an outstanding job, and yes, we saw some great birds. I'm impressed with the efforts made in training guides."
Dean LaTra
Livermore, California