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Las Guacamayas

(The Lowlands)

This reserve, operated by the village of Reforma Agraria, is situated on the banks of the broad Rio Lacantún, a tributary of the even wider Rio Usumacinta. The Reserva de la Biosfera Monte Azules is on the opposite bank. It is the only remaining area in Mexico where you will observe the Scarlet Macaw in the wild. Endangered by disappearing habitat and illegal poaching, the protection of these birds in this reserve for the past 15 years has increased the population from approximately 45 pair to 160 pair (they mate for life). There are excellent trails in the immediate rainforest, and birding is even productive walking through the small, clean and manicured village of Reforma Agraria.

Besides the Scarlet Macaws, you can likely see the ornate hawk-eagles perched near the riverside while you listen to the black howler monkeys. You will also observe manakins, motmots, toucans, aracaris, Jacobins, falcons, parrots, puffbirds, hummingbirds, and many others.

From this reserve you can also travel by boat through a smaller tributary of the Rio Lacantún into the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve. This is Río Tzendales, Montes Azules is a 16 sq. km reserve with a beautiful clear lake surrounded by rainforest. The forest comes right to the river’s edge – birding from the boat is excellent.


Las Guacamayas Reserve has the best built and spacious cabins in the rainforest. Large, comfortable, thatch-roofed cabañas, with full mosquito screens, verandas and ample private bathrooms having hot showers, are spread around the extensive grounds, linked by wooden walkways. An excellent restaurant overlooks the river.